Oliver Dean Spencer (~s)

Oliver Dean Spencer (~s)

◯ Crime Fiction ∞ Author

Call of the Nightingale

Call of the Nightingale (Paperback) $14.95 $10.95 "Spencer’s recent addition to the Cartwright Series is loaded with unexpected twists and turns and edge of your... Read More "Call of the Nightingale"

The Spencer Files

The Spencer Files (Paperback) $14.95 $10.95 In this thrilling new mystery paperback, by International Mystery Crime Author, Oliver Dean Spencer, a collection of 17 hardboiled... Read More "The Spencer Files"

How Aging Shapes Narrative Identity

Nautilus / Matthew Sedacca What is narrative identity? It’s a story you’ve got about how you came to be, who you are, and where your... Read More "How Aging Shapes Narrative Identity"


on AMAZON “The Case of the Runaway Orangutan is a nuanced and artfully layered mystery thriller brimming with non-stop action fueled by twists and turns... Read More "NEW RELEASE 2020"