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The Spencer Files

In this thrilling new mystery paperback, by International Mystery Crime Author, Oliver Dean Spencer, a collection of 17 hardboiled and dark neo-noir mystery fictions appear in print for the first time.

Included are the first five cases that follow the exploits of James Cartwright, a private investigator who plies his trade on the backstreets of Detroit.

Cartwright is cynical, resourceful and tough. He lives by a moral code, one which he believes helps him distinguish right from wrong, fact from fiction, truth from lies. But as Cartwright discovers during each of his cases, it’s one thing to believe in the code, and quite another to live by it.

Whether Cartwright is trying to stop an innocent man from execution in Tell Me That You Love Me. Or trying to keep his wits about him as he interviews a suspect who works as a stripper at The Polka Dot Club. Or searches for a missing girl that’s stolen a cursed artifact in The Spanish Curse or trying to prove a friend’s innocence after being framed for a cop’s murder in The Final Ring. Or in confronting a group of conspirators with plans to stage a new world order in The Conversation—Cartwright must, in every case use his intellect, brute force and unique powers of deduction in unwitting his adversaries.

The second part of The Spencer Files entitled Till Tuesday Dies, is made up of a series of eleven short dark Neo-Noir fiction. Each story exists independent of each other, but act as part of a larger fictional framework through their association with one another. They can be read from front to back, back to front or any which order, allowing you to delve into the storyline from whichever point of entry you choose.

Also, as a bonus feature, a preview of the first four chapters of the upcoming James Cartwright PI novel entitled Nightingale has been included. Having developed the Cartwright character through the first five cases, I felt it was time for Cartwright to spread his wings and delve into a richer and more nuanced full-length case. The novel is due out in early 2019.

Paperback and ebook now available on AMAZON. Coming to all other major retail and online stores soon.

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