About the Artist and Work

Naccarato is an Interdisciplinary Visual Media Artist, based out of Montreal, QC and Rome, Italy, who creates conceptually driven visceral works incorporating varied media, such as performance, digital print, media art, and site-specific installations. He uses daily life as subject matter to create a critical commentary of technology’s intervention on social, cultural and personal identity.

The Skinning of Memory: (VP2) – The Medium of Television

” …the real is produced from miniaturized cells, matrices, and memory banks, models of control – and it can be reproduced an indefinite number of times from these. It no longer needs to be rational, because it no longer measures itself against either an ideal or negative instance. It is no longer anything but operational.” (Jean Baudrillard)

The Kirkland and Sault Years (1956-1974)

The Kirkland and Sault Years (1956-1974), looks at those events which during this time had a major influence on Mr. Naccarato’s life and art practice.

Mr. Naccarato was born in Kirkland Lake, Ontario in 1956, of Italian descent as Giovanni Francesco Naccarato. His parents later anglicized his name to John believing he’d have a better chance of fitting within an English dominated culture and society. As with many Italians, his father had been placed in an internment camp during WW2