The act of observing or interacting via technological devices generates repetitive gestures. We use these gestures to access our technological devices. Over time, these gestures become recognizable actions intertwined with our personal, social and cultural identity. They become part of our everyday rituals.

The work explores 12 of these ritualized gestures: The Frame, Tap & Swipe, The Search, The Prayer, The Couple, The Frame (revisited), The Dance, Shoulder Play, The Duel, Occupied, Shoulder Play (revisited) and The Remote.

Each of these 12 ritualized gestures were captured as video sequences and pinned to a specific GPS location and AR object/marker in and around the San Francisco and Berkeley area.

The markers and their associated AR experience are accessible via a smart phone,  iPad or android tablet, anywhere in North America.

The Conversation | Part 01 | Ritual Gestures premiered at the (Un)certain Boundaries: Visualizing the Intersections of Science & Society Symposium, Center for Science, Technology, Medicine & Society (CSTMS), University of California, Berkeley.

further Details: The Conversation