Monologues: New Beginnings (ART PRIZE 2022)
Monologues: New Beginnings (ART PRIZE 2022)

Monologues: New Beginnings (ART PRIZE 2022)


I’ll be participating in ARTPRIZE, 2022, an international art competition taking place in Grand Rapids, Michigan, from September 15 to October 02, 2022. I’ll be exhibiting my new work Monologues: New Beginnings. Exact venue to be announced once confirmed.

Monologues: New Beginnings

㋶ Testaccio Pop Art Series, Roma, 2022

The new work explores how images on their own create singular narratives or monologues, but grouped together, the narrative changes, creating dialogues (in pairs), or conversations (3 or more.)

Monologues: New Beginnings, is made up of a series of NFTs (non-fungible tokens), consisting of jpegs, gifs, and MP4s, which will be sequenced and projected via several large monitors or onto a wall. This will allow the NFTs to interact with each other, as well as the spectator, with the intent of triggering a dialogue or conversation about this new media and its relationship to the spectator. For example, are NFTs a valid art form? Are they sustainable and do they have any intrinsic value? What role if any do they play in our socio-political construct– present and future?

ALBATROSS: Inspired by The Rime of the Ancient Mariner by Samuel Taylor Coleridge

Several NFTs will also be referenced through AR (Augmented Reality), whereas certain landmarks in Grand Rapids will be pinned to these specific NFTs and can be viewed with an AR App.

The first 500 visitors to register in person at the installation will receive a FREE NFT.

white.Rabbit, day 21 (gravity/s Rainbow)

MORE NFT EXAMPLES to be used in Monologues: New Beginnings Exhibition can be viewed at RARIBLE.COM, OBJKT.COM & REFINABLE.COM


THE DAY for NIGHT PROJECT premiered at the FED GALLERIES (KCAD), Grand Rapids, Michigan from August 29 to October 15, 2017, as part of ARTPRIZE.

THE DAY for NIGHT PROJECT is a Fiction-Based Interactive AR (Augmented Reality) Project which consists of two parts: The AUGMENTED STORY and The AUGMENTED CITY. The project unfolds as narrative, revolving around an unnamed protagonist; his movements throughout the city, and his chance encounter with the mysterious V. The protagonist’s movements are mapped and broken into twenty-three (23) STORY FRAMES, which are in turn broken into ‘DAYS’ and their corresponding ‘NIGHTS’. Each STORY FRAME recounts a certain event in the protagonist’s life and is expressed by four distinct elements or AUGMENTED LAYERS.