Looking Back: Naccarato.Org via The Wayback Machine, 1997-2018

Naccarato.Org first went live in 1997. To put this in perspective as to what was happening at the time on the World Wide Web, I’ve listed some landmark sites which also launched around this time period. If you click on the links you’ll also get a view of how the websites looked like at that moment, courtesy of The Wayback Machine.

  • The first website went live in 1991 (info.cern.cn)
  • Yahoo launched in 1994, MSN and Amazon in 1995, Google, Altavista, AOL in 1996, Apple.com in 1997, and the predecessors of social media such as Angelfire, Geocities, and Tripod between 1996 and 1998 and the New York Times in 1996.
  • In 1997 there were 1,117,255 websites and around 120,758,310 internet users. Presently there are approximately 1.5 billion websites, though only 200 million are considered active.  Since 2015, it is estimated that there are over 3,185,996,155 users (Internet Live Stats).
  • Also, one was depended on the speed of a 28.8 kbps baud modem which could take forever to upload and search the net.

But as technology changed so did the look and accessibility to the Naccarato’s website. The The Wayback Machine. thankfully captured some of the evolving changes to the website over the years, by snapping and caching some of website’s elements, beginning in 2000 until the present day, as shown with the images below.