1st Movement. The Awakening

About the Artist

As an artist, Mr. Naccarato’s has been painting with oils for over a 40 year period, creating some 500 paintings, and over 1,200 sketches — many of which are in private collections throughout the world.

His painter’s sensibility, has come to visually define much of his conceptually driven, and visceral based, photographic prints and artwork.

Furthermore, over the last fifteen years, Mr. Naccarato has been exploring other media such performance art, digital media, (AR) Augmented Reality, and Interactive, Fiction-Based Storytelling which has further enhanced the expressive elements of his work.

Mr. Naccarato received his (MFA) Master of Fine Arts Degree in Visual Arts (multimedia and interdisciplinary research) at the University of Ottawa (2010), and his BFA Degree (with a Major in IMCA (Inter-Media Cyber-Arts and a Minor in Print Media) at Concordia University, Montreal (2008).