Image: AR Map from DAY for NIGHT Exhibition @ The Fed Galleries, Naccarato, 2017

Image File: Day for Night – The AUGMENTED CITY Map, made up of over fifty (50) Story Markers, which are located throughout the city of Grand Rapids.

The Augmented City

About DAY for NIGHT Project and Exhibition

DAY for NIGHT is a Fiction-Based Interactive AR (Augmented Reality) Project which consists of two parts: The AUGMENTED STORY and The AUGMENTED CITY.

The Augmented City

The AUGMENTED CITY is made up of multiple STORY MARKERS, which are also associated with the DAY for NIGHT narrative and located throughout the city of Grand Rapids.

Some of these markers are site-specific to the location, consisting of landmarks, architectural structures and designs such as the mural found across from Fed Galleries or the Blue Bridge. Others consist of non-site-specific elements such as street signs and can be triggered anywhere throughout the city.

㋶ further details: DAY for NIGHT Exhibition