John Naccarato
Interdisciplinary Visual Media Artist

Montreal, QC
John Naccarato
Interdisciplinary Visual Media Artist

Montreal, QC

Projects Overview

1984 – 2018, Interdisciplinary Visual Media Artist, John Naccarato, Montreal

DAY for NIGHT Project

DAY 1.1, The DAY for NIGHT Project, Naccarato, 2017DAY for NIGHT is a Fiction-Based Interactive AR Project which consists of two parts: The AUGMENTED STORY and The AUGMENTED CITY (2017)

The Originals

The Originals‘The Originals’, consist of Original, Limited Edition, Digital Art Works, numbered and signed by Artist.


Holy Cow TelevisionOverview of large scale site specific installations by artist such as the x-Series (2010), Skinning of Memory (2011) and The Obscure Objects of Desire (2011).


01-The-Frame-editOverview of projects between the years 2010 to 2017, which explore the possibilities of public intervention via AR (Augmented Reality).

Time Based

in-search-of-echo sqTime-Based Media developed between 1984 and 2017 including analogue and digital based video work

Performance Based

notions of a cyborg sqPerformance Based work developed between 1984 and 2017

Social Identity

Canada Malting Plant)Projects which explore the impact of Media and Technology on social and personal identity.

2D Projects

ink-on-canvasRelated to Print Media (drawings, paintings, album covers, fashion)

The Written Word

Society.-Of-the-Spectacle, Naccarato, 2016thoughts on Art, Media and Technology