the Day for Night Project / 2017
the Day for Night Project / 2017

the Day for Night Project / 2017

THE DAY for NIGHT PROJECT premiered at the FED GALLERIES (KCAD), Grand Rapids, Michigan from August 29 to October 15, 2017.

THE DAY for NIGHT PROJECT is a Fiction-Based Interactive AR (Augmented Reality) Project which consists of two parts: The AUGMENTED STORY and The AUGMENTED CITY. The project unfolds as narrative, revolving around an unnamed protagonist; his movements throughout the city, and his chance encounter with the mysterious V. The protagonist’s movements are mapped and broken into twenty-three (23) STORY FRAMES, which are in turn broken into ‘DAYS’ and their corresponding ‘NIGHTS’. Each STORY FRAME recounts a certain event in the protagonist’s life and is expressed by four distinct elements or AUGMENTED LAYERS.

The AUGMENTED STORY: By Way of An Introduction

A story can be told in many ways. It can be very personal, or an elaborate fiction, or even a means of revealing some forgotten truth. It can be delivered verbally, visually or through the written word. It can be long or short or have a beginning and end — or none at all. But what a story will always be, is an expression of being human — a way of connecting with each other.

The story I’m about to tell is not any different. And yet I lie. This is a story about a story within a story. It will unfold in a multitude of ways and through various media. This story will be experienced by the spectator through the lens of augmentation (via their mobile device), which will allow for alternative realities and viewpoints to be considered. The story will be broken into frames, with each frame allowing the spectator to experience the story as an image, or audio, or video, or simply through the written word. Also the story will unfold not in any one place but various locations throughout the city.

And perhaps most importantly, the story does not need to be experienced in sequence. The fragmentary experiencing the story allows the spectator to interact and develop their own fictionalized unfolding of the events taking place within the story.

There are four distinct interactive elements incorporated into the AUGMENTED LAYERS, made up of an IMAGE; a NARRATIVE (text); a PERFORMANCE (video), and an EVENT (a specific location within the city).

The AUGMENTED STORY: STORY FRAMES (Image and Narrative Text)


NIGHT 1.0 ♱♱♱ The night had sprung a leak. The Milky Way had pushed back hard against the rising black abyss — causing the day to be lost in the moment. He stood there looking up, lost in his count of a million shards of light pouring down on him — not daring to blink or chance a breath, for fear that this momentary ecstasy which now conspired to define him, would be lost forever — on the exhale. ♱♱♱

DAY 1.1 ♱♱♱ It was a cold December morning, the coldest he could recall in recent years. A thin layer of powdered snow, lay beneath his feet. Each step he took triggered a sharp resounding crack, in response to the contact between the soles of his boots and the frozen ground below. Stopping for a moment, he looked back and spotted the boot imprints that he’d left behind — conspicuous markings of his movement across the pond — ephemeral mappings of his passage through time. ♱♱♱

NIGHT 2.0 ♱♱♱ He had first met her the night before. He had said hi and she had smiled back. It had seemed a sad and knowing smile, a Mona Lisa smile he had thought. He had begun to wander what lay behind that smile, its story and its journey and what events had conspired to have her standing before him at that very moment. ♱♱♱

Day 2.1, Day for Night, naccarato

DAY 2.1 ♱♱♱ He had wakened to the sound of the jackhammers and voices drilling through the paper-thin walls of his apartment. More condo developments were on their way. Shadows danced off the bedroom walls mimicking the condo’s progress. Each day the shadows grew longer and paler. Soon there would be no light.. ♱♱♱

Night3.0, Day for Night, naccarato

NIGHT 3.0 ♱♱♱ He’d taken the last metro on the Silver Line to St. Mary’s. There had been only a few tired souls braving the trek at 2:00 am in the morning. She had been one of them. ♱♱♱

dance. of the raven's claws, naccarato

DAY 3.1 ♱♱♱ He found himself on a rooftop looking down at the mangle of hydro and phone wires that sliced the air — creating arbitrary grid patterns. What he enjoyed most in such moments were how the birds would perch themselves — balancing precariously like sentinels, guarding the unseen riches below. ♱♱♱

day 3.1, naccarato

NIGHT 4.0 ♱♱♱ Her name was V. That all she was willing to reveal that first night. ♱♱♱

Day 4.1, naccarato

DAY 4.1 ♱♱♱ Phoebe the house cat has straddled herself onto his shoulders. She was happiest there, her purrs drowning out the monotonous drip from the kitchen tap. Many a time I had considered repairing the leak, but was unable to determine how or if this would affect my relationship to the cat.♱♱♱

night 5.0, naccarato

NIGHT 5.0 ♱♱♱ As a child, he would wait for hours at the top of the stairs awaiting the arrival of his father. They had secretly agreed upon a rendezvous to watch Have Gun Will Travel, a western on the B/W TV set. At one point, the protagonist is shot and begins to bleed. Alarmed, he turns to father and asks — why is his blood black? ♱♱♱


DAY 5.1 ♱♱♱ The extraction had gone smoothly. The two back molars lay dormant before him, stained with specks of blood. ♱♱♱


NIGHT 6.0 ♱♱♱ He woke with a start. He had dreamt of V. He reached for his cell phone. The blue illuminated digits announced it was only 3:00 am. There was no way he could go back to sleep. It was still dark out. The construction crew would start up in a few hours.. ♱♱♱


DAY 6.1 ♱♱♱ V had called him that morning announcing that they should see a movie. It was the latest Spiderman. He recalled how Parker had been bitten by a spider — triggering his transformation ♱♱♱

Night-7.0, NACCARATO

NIGHT 7.0 ♱♱♱ That night he dreamt that he was Parker, and that V had been captured by one of Spiderman’s archenemy the Green Goblin, whose maniacal laughter had pierced through his own armored and well kept – secret identity.♱♱♱

DAY 7.1 ♱♱♱ Every day he’d take ritual walks around the hood, loosing himself to his thoughts — blind to his surroundings, or the people he’d encounter. However, today was an expectation. An event occurred which made him realize that for the past 20 years he’d been walking around in circles ♱♱♱

Night-8.0, NACCARATO

NIGHT 8.0 ♱♱♱ The TV screen had filled with white static. He sat transfixed unable to move. He had read somewhere that 1% of the static’s noise was a result of radiation — remnants from the Big Bang. He began wondering if extra-terrestrials weren’t perhaps using the noise for coded transmissions. ♱♱♱


DAY 8.1 ♱♱♱ He stared at a fixed point in space this space was abstract. made up of millions of possibilities. of atoms. of light. and numbers. the longer he stared, the more fixated he became. Inevitably, the point became as real as the rest of him. part of his reality. his identity. his lie. he could no longer turn back, or look away. ♱♱♱

night-9.0, NACCARATO

NIGHT 9.0 ♱♱♱ V. watched in silence. as the night fell. censoring the hues of the indigo sky. knowing that the memories she’d built would some-day fade once again♱♱♱


DAY 9.1 ♱♱♱ He had made his way down to Division St. the flickering lights from a forgotten era. cracked. at the sound of his voice. from the corner of his eye, he thought he’d spotted a clocked figure, making its way down the alley amidst the impending darkness. fractured. lost. and forgotten. there seemed no escape ♱♱♱

Night-10.0, NACCARATO

NIGHT 10.0 ♱♱♱ he woke with a start. the rain had moved in hard — wiping all traces of V. of their night together of their chance encounter in the woods ♱♱♱


DAY 10.1 ♱♱♱ in a moment. of infinite sadness, he peeled away the light exposing the underbelly. of a fallen star. perplexed by the nature of his find he turned back. and realized. that only the self remained. ♱♱♱

Night-11.0, NACCARATO

NIGHT 11.0 ♱♱♱ V. came to realize that her life was defined by numbers which in turn was controlled by the passage of time. She’d begin and end her days by remembering the number of coffees, she ‘d drank, or the number of cigarettes she’d crushed beneath her feet Or the number of steps she’d take during her daily workouts in and around the neighborhood But when it came to the number of stars above her head, she remained in awe. She knew she would never be able to count them all. But each night she would lay back on that same patch of grass by the river and begin the count all over again ♱♱♱


DAY 11.1 ♱♱♱ Her bright orange wig added further to her surreal appearance generating a momentary smile across her face and making her wonder which Fellini movie she would best be suited for – then the smile left as quickly as it had first appeared. she pulled the wig off in one quick motion, exposing the bare surface ♱♱♱

Night-12.0, NACCARATO

NIGHT 12.0 ♱♱♱ He stood before the thundering sky. the sound of laughter and excitement roared from the crowd behind him. the spectacle was unfolding. V. was nowhere to be seen. ♱♱♱



Four distinct and interactive elements make up AUGMENTED LAYERS, which include an IMAGE; a NARRATIVE (text); a PERFORMANCE (video), and an EVENT (a specific location within the city).

Below is a compilation of the 23 PERFORMANCE (videos) associated with each of the 23 Story Markers


There were four distinct interactive elements incorporated into the AUGMENTED LAYERS, made up of an IMAGE; a NARRATIVE (text); a PERFORMANCE (video), and an EVENT (a specific location within the city). Below is a compilation of the 23 PERFORMANCE (video) associated with each of the 23 Story Markers

The AUGMENTED CITY was made up of multiple STORY MARKERS, (distinctive landmarks throughout the city) which were associated with the project’s AUGMENTED LAYERS, (IMAGE; NARRATIVE (text) and PERFORMANCE (video). By pointing one’s mobile device toward them, the AUGMENTED LAYERS would be triggered.

DAY for NIGHT: The Augmented City Map, naccarato, 2017

The AR App:

To reveal and interact with the AUGMENTED LAYERS an APP installed on one’s mobile device was required. The app was called ‘BLIPPAR‘ and was available at the APPLE STORE or GOOGLE PLAY. In the video below, the story marker #578752 is being targeted by the app in the mobile phone, triggering the associated performance video sequence of DAY 9.0

THE DAY for NIGHT PROJECT premiered at the FED GALLERIES (KCAD), Grand Rapids, Michigan from August 29 to October 15, 2017.