the Spencer Collection: on Patreon
the Spencer Collection: on Patreon

the Spencer Collection: on Patreon

Welcome to The Spencer Collection

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Fiction Based Works

If you’re a fan of mystery, detective and speculative fiction or anything in between, you won’t want to miss my postings of exclusive fiction, artwork, updates and special offerings at The Spencer Collection on Patreon (

Publishing under the pen name of Oliver Dean Spencer, you’ll find works that run the gambit from hard-boiled private eyes to edge of your seat mystery thrillers; from dark to strange tales that push the boundaries of what’s possible—weird and unsettling—think Twilight Zone; you’ll find them in The Spencer Collection.

Some of the fiction work available in The Spencer Collection on Patreon include my published novels such as The Spencer Files, Call of the Nightingale, and Case of the Runaway Orangutan as well as excerpts from my upcoming collection of short stories Tales from the Pi Cafe (release date, Fall 2024).

Media Based Works

Also you’ll have access to some of my multi-media and fiction based art work such as the white.Rabbit, Monologues and The Butterfly (effect) NFT Series, and AR (augmented Reality) based performative fiction such as the Day for Night Project.