TV Bug

‘The hive, then, extends itself as part of the environment through the social probing that individual bees enact where the intelligence of the interaction is not located in any one bee, or even a collective of bees as a stable unit, but in the “in-between” space of becoming: bees relating to the mattering milieu, which becomes articulated as a continuum to the social behavior of the insect community. This community is not based on representational content, then, but on distributed organization of the society of nonhuman actors.” (K. Von Frisch)

As a child I’d spend countless hours observing and tracking insects – grasshoppers, ants, butterflies – in a field behind my house. I was fascinated with their hidden and mysterious worlds. They occupied the same space I did and yet seemed distant and alien. They went about their day to day rituals almost indifferent to my existence until of course our paths converged. I remember one such occasion, when running through a field, my presence triggered a chain reaction, one in which hundreds of grasshoppers suddenly leaped forward in escape.

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