white.Rabbit day 10 (migration)
white.Rabbit day 10 (migration)

white.Rabbit day 10 (migration)

white.Rabbit, day 10, migration

white.Rabbit, day 10 (migration), NFT / Print series, naccarato, 2021

Not unlike Alice’s adventure down the rabbit hole after first encountering a white rabbit in Lewis Carroll’s Alice in Wonderland, or Neo’s seduction by Trinity and the tattooed white rabbit on her arm, which triggers his journey into the Matrix, the white.Rabbit Series by conceptual artist, naccarato, follows this particular white rabbit’s through a surreal and magical journey into the ever-changing, dynamic and omnipresent landscape of cyberspace – each day offering up a very different revelation and experience.

This particular rabbit’s experience occurs on 10th day of her journey.

The white.Rabbit, day 10, migration is available both as a print – framed or unframed (on archival Paper, Canvas, Acrylic, Metal, and poster) @ The Originals or as a Limited Edition, Collectible, NFT @ Mintable

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