white.Rabbit day 25 / 2022
white.Rabbit day 25 / 2022

white.Rabbit day 25 / 2022

the white.Rabbit, Series, day 25

white.Rabbit, day 25

Name: the white.Rabbit, Series, day 25
Edition: 50/ Limited NFT Collector’s Edition
Type: video/mp4 – stereo audio – 1 min, 19 sec.

Inspiration: Not unlike Alice’s adventure down the rabbit hole after first encountering a white rabbit in Lewis Carroll’s Alice in Wonderland, or Neo’s seduction by Trinity and the tattooed white rabbit on her arm, which triggers his journey into the Matrix, the white.Rabbit Series by conceptual artist, naccarato, follows this particular white rabbit’s through a surreal and magical journey into the ever-changing, dynamic and omnipresent landscape of cyberspace – each day offering up a very different revelation and experience.

This particular experience occurs on the 25th day of the white.Rabbit’s journey.

Details: A limited edition of fifty (50), white.Rabbit, day 25 NFTs are up for grabs and are available @ Rarible. Also included with the NFT, is a download link to a high res, digital MP4 file, that can be used for personal and non-commercial use. Type: video/mp4 – Size: 2160 x 2160, stereo audio – Time: 1 min, 19 sec.

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