Category: St. Henri

Saint-Henri: Overview

The alarming escalation of condo developments in Montreal has begun to gut the cultural and social infrastructure of the city. Such developments cater to a small niche of the population with no clear philosophy by its developers or city politicians as to their impact on neighbourhoods and the city.

Saint Henri: Objectives

Through a new technological process called augmented reality (AR) we can in fact insert our expressions (visual and vocal) onto the spaces being occupied by condo developers. AR allows us the ability to insert multi-media based interventions onto the specific geo-locations of the existing condos, future developments and the offices of the condo developers themselves.

AR (interactive) Map

Online Map for those without smart devices (smart phones, iPad, tablets), displaying artists’ work and the locations they are pinned to | Carte en ligne pour les personnes sans dispositifs intelligents (smartphones, iPad, tablettes), affichant le travail artistes et les lieux où ils sont épinglés pour. On the Map below: Use the arrow key at the bottom right side to navigate through…


The proposed virtual (AR) intervention will consist of four channels. Each channel compliments each other to explore the complexity and importance of the space/s we occupy and move through – in this case Saint-Henri and the adjoining neighborhoods of Little Burgundy, Pointe-Saint-Charles, Saint-Paul-Émard and Griffintown. These neighborhoods each share a rich history and have had a important and profound effect not…