Category: St. Henri

CH 01: The Spaces

Along the Canal (looking east)  | Lachine Canal (le Sud-Ouest) Montreal | 2013 | John Naccarato The markers on the map below point to specific spaces being targeted by this AR intervention. These spaces have gone through (and continue to go through…) mass gentrification by Condo Developers, the City of Montreal and the Canadian Government. The short term social and…

CH 02: Voices

The Bird | Graffiti  along the Canal | Ponte-Saint-Charles (Le Sud-Ouest), Montreal | 2013 | John Naccarato Voices is broken into two parts and will be using audio based interventions. Part 01 will be entitled Memories and will be made up of interviews with residents of Le Sud-Ouest, Montreal area about how they remember their neighborhoods, and how it affects them…

CH 03: Social

red Zone | Cafe Wellington | Ponte-Saint-Charles (Le Sud-Ouest), Montreal | 2013 | John Naccarato Social Intervention via Social Media: submit your thoughts, images and videos via any of these social media sites. [social_stickers] Selected submissions will then be included as part of the AR intervention.   [google-translator]

CH 04: AR-t Gallery

The Wall  | Canadian Malting Plant | Saint-Henri (le Sud-Ouest) Montreal | 2011 | John Naccarato The AR’T Gallery will consist of submissions by artists working with 2D images, 3D sculptures, Performance and Time Based Media (video/animation). Open to Local Artists (artists residing in Le Sud-Ouest area of Montreal) as well as Regional, National and International Artists SUBMISSION FORM [google-translator]