CH 01: The Spaces

Along the Canal (02)

Along the Canal (looking east)  | Lachine Canal (le Sud-Ouest) Montreal | 2013 | John Naccarato

The markers on the map below point to specific spaces being targeted by this AR intervention. These spaces have gone through (and continue to go through…) mass gentrification by Condo Developers, the City of Montreal and the Canadian Government. The short term social and cultural impact on the neighborhoods is already quite evident – one only need walk through the hood and see the sprouting up of expensive (non-essential) shops, restaurants (with fancy names), pretentious cafes (where one goes to be looked at) and reserved spaces for parking on the streets. The verdict as to the long term effects of such gentrification is still out, but if history has taught us anything, it can`t be good.

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The Spaces We AR: 45.479800, -73.588870

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