Author at 7 years old, Oliver Dean Spencer
Photo: Author at the age of seven. Having watched a few too many westerns.

Oliver Dean Spencer is an international crime fiction writer based out of Montreal, Canada.

His writing derives its stylistic inspiration from film noir and the hard-boiled P.I. pulp serials from the ’30s and ’50s. Some of his favourite authors include Dashiell Hammett, Raymond Chandler, Ross MacDonald, Edgar Allan Poe and Phillip K. Dick.

He received his (MFA) Master of Fine Arts Degree in Visual Arts from the University of Ottawa in 2010 and his (BFA) Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree from Concordia University, Montreal (2008).

When Mr. Spencer is not working on the James Cartwright, P.I. series he spends his time with his daughter, playing chess at a local cafe and painting.