Philip K. Dick and the Fake Humans | Boston Review

This essay is featured in Boston Review’s print issue, Global Dystopias. Order your copy today. This is not the dystopia we were promised. We are not learning to love Big Brother, who lives, if he lives at all, on a cluster of server farms, cooled by environmentally friendly technologies. Nor have we been lulled by Soma and subliminal brain […]

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Pulp Fiction Murdered Long Sentences

The hard-boiled private detective was born on the pages of pulp magazines, amid beautiful dames, waiting to be saved. Although the genre has acquired a trashy reputation, the language used to tie together the villains, heroic detectives and helpless “frails” (women) that characterize pulp fiction is worth relishing, Otto Penzler, a mystery publisher and owner […]

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Dames, detectives and dope: why we still love hardboiled crime

As political corruption, violence and gender politics gain fresh relevance, pulp noir is attracting new voices and audiences, giving the gumshoe a 21st-century reboot Back in 1920, Henry Louis Mencken and George Jean Nathan ran a magazine for the well-heeled women and their sugar daddies up on Long Island: the Smart Set, they called it.

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