• the-Horizon_-Fltr-15
  • the-Horizon_-Fltr-14
  • the-Horizon_-Fltr-13
  • the-Horizon_-Fltr-11
  • the-Horizon_-Fltr-10
  • the-Horizon_-Fltr-09
  • the-Horizon_-Fltr-08
  • the-Horizon_-Fltr-07
  • the-Horizon_-Fltr-06
  • the-Horizon_-Fltr-05
  • the-Horizon_-Fltr-04
  • the-Horizon_-Fltr-03
  • the-Horizon_-Fltr-02
  • the-Horizon_-Fltr-01

The Digital Landscape Series: The Horizon is made up of 14 digital plates (versions). They were shot with my HTC Desire (Android Phone) in the Eastern Townships, Quebec (2013).

I’ve long held an interest in Landscape. I had explored it extensively through the oil paintings which I created between 1995 to 2005. Although the digital medium does not have the same tactile quality as oil painting the intended subject is still able to break through and define itself in unexpected ways.