An Overview

A story can be told in many ways. It can be very personal, or an elaborate fiction, or even a means of revealing some forgotten truth. It can be delivered verbally, visually or through the written word. It can be long or short or have a beginning and end — or none at all.

But what a story will always be, is an expression of the self, of being human — a way of connecting with each other.

The story I’m about to tell is not any different. And yet I lie. This is a story about a story within a story. It will unfold in a multitude of ways and through various media. This story is meant to be experienced through the lens of media augmentation, allowing for alternative realities and viewpoints to be considered.

DAY for NIGHT is a Fiction-Based Interactive AR Project which consists of two parts: The AUGMENTED STORY and The AUGMENTED CITY (2017)

Complete Details: The Day for Night Project