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the Storefront

the Storefront

Welcome to the STOREFRONT (view all of the NFTs), where you can purchase original NFTs by NACCARATO using regular currency.

  • What are NFTs?

NFT stands for Non-Fungible Token. NFTs are any type of work (visual arts, music, written word) that are transformed into unique and original digital objects using a cryptocurrency blockchain (Ethereum (ETH), Tezos (YTZ), and Polygon (Matic) are a few examples).

On the STOREFRONT you’ll be able to purchase NFTs using regular currency such as USD and Euro, saving you the trouble of obtaining cryptocurrency to make your purchase by simply using you credit or debit card.

M - 0009 ㋶ the monologues series, NFT, naccarato, 2022

M -0009 ㋶ monologues, by naccarato @ ㋶ 0.50 ETH (approx. $900)

  • But how do you know it’s an original NFTs?

A NFT’s value is based on its one-of-a-kind uniqueness. A simplified example of this in the physical world would be the Mona Lisa, by DaVinci. Like all original art in the physical world, NFTs can also be bought, sold, and traded with their original content intact.

When NFTs are created, they are minted (registered) on a crypto blockchain. All the details including the artwork, the name of artist, owner, when created, which blockchain (cryptocurrency was used) and its value are registered (locked into the NFT).    

Ethereum (ETH), Tezos (YTZ), and Polygon (Matic) are a few examples of crypto blockchains that NFTs are minted on. Organizations like OpenSea, Rarible and OBJKT help facilitate the minting process and where NFTs can be bought, sold and traded using cryptocurrency.

View STOREFRONT (NFTs) (or click on images to view in store)

View STOREFRONT (NFTs) (or click on images to view in store)

STOREFRONT (NFTs) are minted using the Tezos (XTZ) blockchain due to its incredibly low environmental footprint in its minting process, compared to other blockchains (Tezos is known as the CleanNFT). Also, costs associated with minting are a fraction of the cost than the others, allowing NFTs to be acquired at an entry level prices (starting as low as $1.00), for those just starting out as NFT collectors.

  • Why should I own a NACCARATO original NFT?

Primarily, you should purchase NFTs because you’ve fallen in love with the work. Of course, the secondary consideration is as an investment.

white.Rabbit, day 02 (lSD), NFT / Print series, naccarato, 2021

∝ white.Rabbit, day 02 (lSD) ㋶ $8.00 USD on the STOREFRONT

Mr. Naccarato’s proven track record of over forty years in the arts, with numerous exhibitions, and works in many international collections, as well as holding a BFA from Concordia University, Montreal, Canada and an MFA from University of Ottawa, Canada, is an assurance that you’ll be adding a unique work of art to your NFT portfolio that will retain its value and ideally, increase over time

NFTs are also valued based on the crypto currency they were minted with, which means the value price of your NFT will fluctuate according to the market. The present value (as of May 27, 2022) for one Tezos (XTZ) is $1.80 USD. Back in Sept 21, 2021, one Tezos was trading at $8.90 USD.

The bottom line is that NFTs are collectibles, like trading cards and works of arts … so their value will always be dictated by market demands. For example, an NFT by the artist Beeple sold for 69.3 million dollars.

  • How do I go about purchasing my first NFT ?

Even though you’re purchasing your NFT with regular currency, you’ll still need a crypto wallet to receive and hold your NFTs. Since NFTs available on the STOREFRONT are minted on the Tezos (XYZ) blockchain, you’ll need a Tezos (XYZ) based Crypto Wallet.

M - 0045 ㋶ the monologues series, NFT, naccarato, 2022

∝ M – 0045, monologues ㋶ $25.00 on the STOREFRONT

I recommend KUKAI Wallet App which works with all browsers – Safari, Chrome, Firefox and Brave. It is easy to set up and shows off your NFTs beautifully.

A quick way to create a wallet is by using your Google, Reddit, Twitter, or Facebook account to create a new account in the Kukai wallet. And voila! You’ve just opened your first Tezos wallet and a Tezos crypto address has been automatically created for you.

Your new address will look something like this tz1SwScqc3rzB8R5N51ML6ExJZRoyrvrEGXM (this is mine). My web3 address is naccarato.tez

Once you’ve purchased your NFT, you’ll then need to forward your new Tezos address to me, so that your newly purchased NFT can be forwarded to you.

If you require assistance, feel free to contact me.