We AR MOMA / 2010
We AR MOMA / 2010

We AR MOMA / 2010


A group of 42 artists including myself took up the call by organizers/artists – Mark Skwarek from New York and Sander Veenhof from the Netherlands, to create an (AR) Augmented Reality Intervention on the MoMA (Museum of Modern Art) in NYC on October 29, 2010… website

The experimental exhibition was part of the Conflux Festival, the annual New York festival dedicated to the psychogeography practice. With the exhibition, the organizers of the event aim to address a contemporary issue, caused by the rapid rise of Augmented Reality usage. What is the impact of AR on our public and private spaces? Is the distinction between the two fading, or are we approaching a situation with an even increasing fragmentation of realities to be perceived individually? (http://www.sndrv.nl/moma/index.php?page=press)


Reviews: NY Times

  • 2D works on the 4th + 5th floor
  • 3D work by Alvaro Barato
  • Banksky in MoMA re-enactment
  • Bruce Sterling avatar - and his live tweets
  • Works in front of the MoMA