record RECORD (Hybrid Sculptural Object), 2010-2018
Figure 01: Naccarato, record Record (Hybrid Sculptural Objects), Exhibition Overview: Axeneo7, Gatineau, QC, 2010

The primary intent of using low-fi technology in my previous Hybrid Sculptural Objects (part of the ‘The Obscure Objects of Desire’ installation) was to create a non-confrontational and accessible entry point in which to engage with the visitor/participant in a critical discourse regarding technology’s ubiquitous intervention and role in society.

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Rise of the Technological Chimera
Chimera of Arezzo, Etruscan, c. 400 BCE.

The term Chimera has had a long and rich history dating back to Greek mythology with the most famous definition defined by Homer in the Odyssey where he describes it as “a thing of immortal make, not human, lion-fronted and snake behind, a goat in the middle, and snorting out the breath of the terrible flame of bright fire.”

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The Skinning of Memory: Mediating The Real
Mediating The Real - Image 2 (cropped): Have Gun - Will Travel (1957-1963) TV series starring Richard Boone as Paladin

Though as a child I shared in my family’s communal television experiences, I also came to experience my own personal interpretations (memories) of such events, which I have come to call the televised real.

An example of this televised real happened one night when I snuck downstairs from my bedroom, as I often did, to greet my father’s late night arrival from work, usually around ten at night.

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The Skinning of Memory: (VP2) – The Medium of Television
cropped: The Medium of Television: John Naccarato, Vertebra, Part 2: The Skinning of Memory (VP2) 20’W x 17’H x 16’D. Immersive, Trans-media, Installation. Partial overview of VP2: right top. Artist Studio, University of Ottawa, Canada 2009

An overview of how the medium of Television plays out in the Vertebra, Part 2: The Skinning of Memory (VP2) installation : Plurality of Moments : The philosopher Henri Bergson in his seminal work Matter and Memory states that “however brief we suppose any perception to be, it always occupies certain duration, and involves consequentially an effort of memory which prolongs one into another a plurality of moments” (25).

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Society.-Of-the-Spectacle, Naccarato, 2016

Me/di/at/ed – Naccarato: We occupy space and there seems no getting around it. For the most part, our occupation of space revolves around prescribed rituals – performative and repetitive actions which define our personal, social and cultural identities.

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