DAY for NIGHT: The Augmented City
dancing madly. backwards 2

The AUGMENTED CITY is made up of multiple STORY MARKERS, which are also associated with the DAY for NIGHT narrative and located throughout the city of Grand Rapids.

Some of these markers are site-specific to the location, consisting of landmarks, architectural structures and designs such as the mural found across from Fed Galleries or the Blue Bridge. Others consist of non-site-specific elements such as street signs and can be triggered anywhere throughout the city.

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A group of 42 artists including myself took up the call by organizers/artists – Mark Skwarek from New York and Sander Veenhof from the Netherlands, to create an (AR) Augmented Reality Intervention on the MoMA (Museum of Modern Art) in NYC on October 29, 2010… website The experimental exhibition was part of the Conflux Festival, the annual […]

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TV Bug

‘The hive, then, extends itself as part of the environment through the social probing that individual bees enact where the intelligence of the interaction is not located in any one bee, or even a collective of bees as a stable unit, but in the “in-between” space of becoming: bees relating to the mattering milieu, which […]

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