The Kirkland and Sault Years (1956-1974)
∝ in Memoriam. L. Cohen ⨦ that's how the light gets in ≅≅ Digital Print, The Originals, Naccarato, Montreal, 2016

The Kirkland and Sault Years (1956-1974), looks at those events which during this time had a major influence on Mr. Naccarato’s life and art practice.

Mr. Naccarato was born in Kirkland Lake, Ontario in 1956, of Italian descent as Giovanni Francesco Naccarato. His parents later anglicized his name to John believing he’d have a better chance of fitting within an English dominated culture and society. As with many Italians, his father had been placed in an internment camp during WW2

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referencing the Canadian Identity

What does it mean to be Canadian? There does not seem to exist one absolute criteria that could easily define this nationalistic sentiment. One may inquire into the social, political and historical context of a country; the defining attributes of its people; the significant contributions of its leaders

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The Skinning of Memory: Mediating The Real
Mediating The Real - Image 2 (cropped): Have Gun - Will Travel (1957-1963) TV series starring Richard Boone as Paladin

Though as a child I shared in my family’s communal television experiences, I also came to experience my own personal interpretations (memories) of such events, which I have come to call the televised real.

An example of this televised real happened one night when I snuck downstairs from my bedroom, as I often did, to greet my father’s late night arrival from work, usually around ten at night.

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The Skinning of Memory: (VP2) – The Medium of Television
cropped: The Medium of Television: John Naccarato, Vertebra, Part 2: The Skinning of Memory (VP2) 20’W x 17’H x 16’D. Immersive, Trans-media, Installation. Partial overview of VP2: right top. Artist Studio, University of Ottawa, Canada 2009

An overview of how the medium of Television plays out in the Vertebra, Part 2: The Skinning of Memory (VP2) installation : Plurality of Moments : The philosopher Henri Bergson in his seminal work Matter and Memory states that “however brief we suppose any perception to be, it always occupies certain duration, and involves consequentially an effort of memory which prolongs one into another a plurality of moments” (25).

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