Gallery Lofts Sur La Canal

Barbershop Quartet | John Naccarato | 2013

Image: Barbershop Quartet | Photo 2013 | John Naccarato

About the Image: Discovered this Barbershop in Point-Saint-Charles, which seemed to have all the original settings dating back to the old days. Four beautiful Barber chairs were anchored majestically in the center of the shop.

AR Intervention Geo Co-ordinates of Image: latitude: 45.490210 | longitude: -73.558160

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Gallery Lofts Sur la Canal 45.490210, -73.558160 AR Image: Barbershop Quartet | Photo 2013 | John Naccarato AR Intervention Site: Pinned @ condo development called Gallery Lofts Sur la Canal, Griffintown (le Sud-Ouest), Montreal. Click here for more details.

AR Intervention Site: Condo development called Gallery Lofts Sur La Canal located at rue 1314 Olier, Griffintown (le Sud-Ouest), Montreal.

About the Developer: Part of Gallery Lofts Sur La Canal’s pitch on their site states that: “Gallery Lofts Sur Le Canal is a condo project in Montreal that breathes new life into Griffintown. Inspired in part by the industrial heritage of the area, Gallery’s architecture blends the old with the new to offer the best of both worlds in a postmodern reinvention of the condo-loft.

It is amazing how many of these condo developers play off the heritage idea. It is ironic though that their presence and developments is exactly what is eradicating any semblance of our past heritage. Also love their line about ‘postmodern reinvention’. You’d think they had gone to art school or something.

About the Location: Griffintown is the popular name given to the former southwestern downtown part of Montreal, Quebec, which existed from the 1820s until the 1960s and was mainly populated by Irish immigrants and their descendants. One can identify Griffintown as the portion of the ward of St. Ann located north of the Lachine Canal; the part south of the canal is now part of Pointe-Saint-Charles. This part of the ward was delimited by Notre-Dame Street to the North, McGill Street to the east, and a short segment of the city limit between Notre-Dame Street and the canal west of the St. Gabriel Locks to the west.[3] It was the earliest and largest faubourg annexed to Old Montreal before the introduction of the tram car in the 1840s.

Michel Régnier made a film on the subject in 1972, which used archival photos of Griffintown, along with interviews of former residents in order to paint a picture of the landscape, community, and a people. Richard Burman made a documentary in 2003 call ‘Ghosts of Griffintown’. It starts off telling the story of Mary Gallagher, a prostitute who was brutally murdered in 1879 and returns every seven years to William Street in search of her head. It then explores the history using this story as a metaphor on how the community itself has disappeared like a ghost.[6] Alan Hustak has written a book ‘The Ghost of Griffintown’ which explores in great detail the murder of Mary Gallagher.[7] Lisa Gasior created the Griffinsound Project that is a walking tour designed to be completed individually. It provides a background and interviews regarding the changing landscape of this space.[8]

Source: Wikipedia