Les Bassins Du Havre

The Scream (vs 01)

Image: The Scream (vs01) | 2007-2013 | John Naccarato

About the Image: The more research I do on these condo developers and their altruistic sales pitches the more I want to scream !!!

AR Intervention Geo Co-ordinates of Image: latitude: 45.489520 | longitude: -73.560500

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Les Bassins Du Havre 45.489520, -73.560500 AR Image: The Scream (vs01) | 2007-2013 | John Naccarato AR Intervention Site: Pinned @ Les Bassins Du Havre: condo development at the Saint-Gabriel Basins, along the Lachine Canal. Click here for details.

AR Intervention Site: Les Bassins Du Havre condo development along the Lachine Canal, Griffintown, Montreal. The project will create 1800 units covering 4 blocks. Height of buildings range from 9 to 20 story high.

About the Developer: Part of Rachel Julien and Prével’s pitch on their site states that: “By contributing to the development of a sustainable neighbourhood, the promoters are creating an urban environment that meets the current values of our society: providing a quality environment, acknowledging the importance of health and physical activity (biking, walking, sports activities), enhancing our heritage, providing a rich social setting, and promoting architectural quality.

Really !!!!

  • A sustainable neighbourhood!!! Sustainable how? With the constant influx of the privileged class.
  • An urban environment that meets the current values of our society – whose values? whose society? 
  • Enhancing our heritage? More like erasing our heritage.
  • Providing a rich social setting? For those who have the funds to do so and closing off those that don’t.
  • Promoting architectural quality? I’d revisit this notion.

Abraham Lincoln once said that “You can fool some of the people all of the time, and all of the people some of the time, but you can not fool all of the people all of the time.

And this is the pitch from the Canada Lands Company (CLC) who sold the land to the developers…

“For many years, Montréal’s harbourfront has remained a collection of undeveloped and underutilized Crown properties. Canada Lands Company (CLC) has been mandated by the federal government to carry out a planned redevelopment of these properties. Working closely with a wide range of stakeholders, CLC is creating an exceptional urban space for Montrealers to live, work and play at Montréal’s New Harbourfront. On August 25, 2009 Montréal’s City Council approved the zoning amendment and development accord authorizing the Les Bassins du Nouveau Havre real estate project, developed by Canada Lands Company (CLC). Les Bassins du Nouveau Havre is the first property to be developed as part of the Montreal’s New Harbourfront Initiative. For more information on the redevelopment, please visit www.nouveauhavre-lesbassins.ca.”

Sorry CLC but high density living and towering structures are not the answer to revitalizing Montreal’s urban space. These overnight built campgrounds only increase social and environmental tensions. The true intent behind many of these developments are questionable  especially with what’s been occurring in local Montreal politics.

About the Location:  In 1848, the first rectangular basin was dug at the site of 1500 Ottawa Street, along the current Rue du Séminaire. Named the Saint-Gabriel Basin, it included an artificial island used to transfer logs that had been rafted up the Lachine Canal. The Saint-Gabriel Basin was expanded in 1853 to accommodate the increase in commercial activities on the canal. In 1880, Basins 1 and 2 were created by dividing the Saint-Gabriel Basin. Basins 3 and 4 were dug to the west between 1873 and 1885, following the expansion of the canal. Setting up four basins between the Lachine Canal and Ottawa Street not only increased mooring surface for ships, but also lead to the building of warehouses for sand and gravel storage, reservoirs, cranes and access ramps. At this time, the site was very active and it was difficult to find free space on the piers.

Excerpt : http://www.nouveauhavre-lesbassins.ca/history

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