Democracy of Objects Project

Democracy of Objects Project


Ordinarily, upon hearing the word “object”, the first thing we think is “subject”. Our second thought, perhaps, is that objects are fixed, stable and unchanging, and therefore to be contrasted with events and processes. The object, we are told, is that which is opposed to a subject, and the question of the relation between the subject and the object is a question of how the subject is to relate to or represent the object. The Democracy of Objects, Levi R. Bryant


On one of my many ritual walks around the St. Henri hood (Sud-Ouest, Montreal), I’d come across an array of objects scattered along the streets, alleyways or in someone’s backyard. Some of these objects were still intact and recognizable, while others were in the process of partial decay – still hinting as to their past purpose.

And there were still others which had been busted up so bad – removed from their original material body – that their physical presence had become a sort of abstracted entity onto themselves. However, what all these objects seemed to have common, was that they had been either rejected, lost, or left behind – their purpose served?

Democracy of Objects, Object File #03, Naccarato, April 24, 2014


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