the Angel

the Angel The Angel | Point-Saint-Charles (le Sud-Ouest), Montreal | Photo 2013 | John Naccarato

About the Image: The photo captures the bizarre marketing intent of the condo developers Elad Canada for its new condo development Le Nordelec at The Northern Electric Company in Pointe-Saint-Charles, Montreal. Elad Canada seems to be trying to sell potential buyers on the idea that their inspiration comes from some higher powers – Angels, and by purchasing the condos, the purchasers themselves may ascend to some higher ground – Heaven.

AR Intervention Geo Co-ordinates of Image: latitude: 45.484960 | longitude: -73.563150

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Le Nordelec 45.484960, -73.563150 AR Image: The Angel | Point-Saint-Charles (le Sud-Ouest), Montreal | Photo 2013 | John Naccarato AR Intervention Site: Pinned @ Elad Canada`s condo development Le Nordelec at The Northern Electric Company site. Click here for more info.

AR Intervention Site: Elad Canada’s condo development at The Northern Electric Company site called Le Nordelec.

About the Developer: Part of Elad Canada’s pitch on their site states that: “Le Nordelec brings us back to the golden era of telecommunications and electric devices, which led this Montreal manufacturer of wire and electrical cable to build a veritable industrial complex. At the height of its success, as many as 12,000 employees came to work here every day.

Unfortunately for us this will not be the case once the site is completed. There will be no golden age or 12,000 jobs. Just a building with condos costing from $425,000 to $1.5 Million.

About the Location: The Northern Electric Company building is the eight-story plant in Montreal. which occupies a complete city block. At the time it was one of the biggest industrial buildings in Montreal, housing the company’s entire production facilities.

Northern Electric: A Brief History