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No. 23 Fire Hall | Place Saint-Henri | Saint-Henri (le Sud-Ouest), Montreal | 2011 | John Naccarato

Currently the city doesn’t belong to those live in it and love it. The city is a playground for promoters and speculators. Whether we’re from St-Henri or from Hochelaga, being a tenant in Montreal is more and more difficult.

While we struggle to pay the rent or to find a rent we’re able to pay, condo developments are popping up like mushrooms. Our neighbourhoods are being transformed, and long-time residents are being forced to leave because they can’t find housing. When we insist on staying, we can’t even recognize anymore the main streets and miss the local restaurants (with their die-hard clients), increasingly forced out by increased rents in favour of small chique cafés.

  • Enough with leaving lots and buildings empty while thousands are poorly-housed! 
  • Enough with letting speculators line their pockets with the misery of the poorest among us! 
  • Enough with letting promoters and public administrations transform our neighbourhoods! 
  • Enough with our city being treated as a commodity!

Above text from flyer/email: À QUI LA VILLE? MANIFESTATION ET ACTION SURPRISE Le 1 juin, 14h (Métro Lionel-Groulx)

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